Monday, 16 August 2010

Pump up the bass

A very nice man on bit-tech asked me about my band today and it dawned on me that I no longer maintain a band website. Criminal. On that note, what follows is a very e-peeny showcase of my basses, just because I can. And because, deep down, you know bassists are cool. That's what all the girls say. Once most of them have left with the singer, guitarists and drummer.

My main axe when I'm trying to be sophisticated is a Musicman Stingray 5. I love the Stingray sound, with new strings they growl like angry bears. They're just the sound I hear in my head when I think of how I want to sound. 'Course, my amp might have something to do with that. As far as playability is concerned, the balance and the unfinished, deep neck mean that things are effortless on this bass that would have your fingers falling over each other and your hand aching on some other basses. I'm looking at you, Gibson.

Make:  Ernie Ball Musicman
Model: Stingray 5
Year: 2005
Colour: Honeyburst
Strings: Ernie Ball Super Slinkys 40 60 75 95 125 

My main gigging bass is a Fender Precision. This was the first 'good' bass I bought and it rocks out like no other. Pick, low strap and a little bit of dirt in the sound and it just sings. As such, she is very much set up to be a rock bass. Lower action and thicker, more aggressive strings. It's a bit more worn than it was when this photo was taken as it's had a bit of a hard life. I should be more careful with whom I lend it to and where I put it down. You'll notice another all-maple neck, I just cant stand the feel of a fingerboard. 

Make:  Fender
Model: M.I.A. Precision
Year: 2003
Colour: Chrome Red
Strings: La Bella Deep Talkin' Rounds 44 61 85 110

I still have my first bass, though it doesn't get used all that much these days. A Squire Precision. La Bella Deep Talkin' strings on here too. It's really nice to have two basses so similar. Firstly, I always have a backup. Secondly, whenever people question why I spend so much on basses (they aren't much too other musicians, but to a layman I think the cost sound quite high) I can give them a P copy and a 'real' P to play, which proves my point pretty well! 

Actually, this picture is about the only half-decent one I have of my amp, so you're getting another Squire shot:

Gallien-Krueger 1001-RB II. GK Neo 1x12", GK Neo 2x12". That's a small head and small cab for either very small gigs or gigs where the PA is doing most of the work and I only need a little stage volume. Or there's the 2x12" for when I need more stage volume. And a Laney R1 practice amp, which I simply love.

And thus concludes our tour.

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