Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I feel famous. (Reprise)

 This post is an addendum to my previous entry, which can be found here.

This time we got an 11+ minute response which can be found here.

In the interest of fair play, I'm fairly sure that I'm done with this 'debate'. I do however reserve the right to change my mind on this based on my future levels of boredom and mischievousness. 
I really get the feeling that my blog post has been misunderstood. The bulleted list wasn't a list of points that I was making, they were list of errors I had found in sonicsoul0's videos. Take the comment about cpu architecture. In the bit-tech response video he made a haphazard comment that games and applications rely of cpu architecture. I was actually dumb enough to go find it. At around 5:20 in this video. We get "games, windows applications, rely on a lot of cpu architecture as well, so they're not just gpu-intensive you got that wrong."

Now, I understand what I think he was trying to get at. In general, a smaller, newer, chip will do more 'clock for clock' (per Hz) than an older one. But honestly, does that quote make sense? If we replace 'architecture' with 'power' (as in processing power) then we're doing ok. This is but one example of the misuse of technical terminology that I talked about. It's also a fairly easily mistake to make in a conversation with someone, but not on camera. This was a response video to a forum that had criticised him for, amongst other things, having terrible public speaking skills. You'd just make sure you'd get something like that right.

I am being awfully pedantic yes, but this is endemic within the videos and just lower the quality further than the content, unpreparedness and stuttering speech do.

I do rather get the impression that sonicsoul0 is enjoying the waves he is making though. Thriving on the attention that becoming somewhat of a net celebrity and enjoying the ire that he is drawing. I'm always up for a rational, sensible debate but now we're getting into insults and mudslinging. For these two reasons, as well as my sanity, I'm out.

I'll leave you with one of the wonderful works of Mr. Randall Munroe, who as ever said it better than I ever could.

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