Friday, 14 October 2011

Holographic crap.

When I was at The Gadget Show Live this April I saw these holographic bracelets for sale that were supposed to improve balance, stamina, brainpower, disease resistance, sexual performance, fashion sense and comic timing. Well, I call bullshit and have sent out emails to various companies selling these products asking to get a free sample for clinical trial. I'm sure they wont, but I've slightly lied and said I was working for a university. And sent it from an uni address. I've also made other promises but I still bet they wont accept anyways. Maybe I can buy a few then send them back when they inevitably don't work under the Sale of Goods act?

I'm trying to be unbiased here, actually no I'm not but I promise rigorous and unbiased tests at least.

Watch this space.

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