Thursday, 21 January 2010

Once more, with feeling.

After staring at that first post for a whole day now I'm feeling a little remiss. So let's get some things cleared up.

The name. Well, that sort of comes from my old band. technically, we still are a band, it's just that we haven't really had the time to do anything since we all grew up. Ignorance were Chester-le-Street's premier shitrock band. And don't go thinking that we coined a new genre or anything, oh no. We were just shit. But we had a laugh and total strangers actually paid good money to come see us.

As I was uploading that picture, which I selected because I thought it was relatively recent, I noticed the metadata. That was taken in October 2007, a full 2 years before this post was written. And that makes me more than a little sad. In fact, if I was any more sad this post would be worthy of LiveJournal.

Milla Jovovich

Ok, I'm happy again. As for the ' Café de l' ' part. (How do you enclose something that ends with an apostrophe in apostrophes?) I just thought it sounded nice. I even asked a girl I know who is on placement in France if it made sense.

Myself: Well, I have nothing really to blog about. Which, so far as I can see, makes me eminently qualified to have a blog. I'm currently 20 (although I only plan on being this way until around March) and I live in Newcastle which is in the North-East of England. I'm reading Chemistry and Biology (Joint Honours, BSc) at Newcastle University and I'm in my final year. I'd blather on and on about my flat and such but you don't care. I do work for the university, and I work in a shop too. But I'm not telling you which, lets just say I'm looking to move somewhere else sometime soon.

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