Sunday, 25 April 2010

All change please, all change.

As is probably the way when  somebody leaves university, I sense a lot of changes on the horizon. I have applied for a job for a start. Not like a crappy job, but a proper one. One with a salary and hours and a desk. It's at the uni at it's pretty much what I'm doing now except with a bit more organisational stuff. Good money too.

I have quit my old job, so I'm now just working as a student ambassador, I'm no longer at the electronics shop that shall not be named, which is always good. I am also now single, and I'm wondering what a new woman will bring to my life, if and when this happens.

Presuming I graduate but don't get a job, I have been offered the opportunity to go to Japan to teach English in a secondary school there. I have to move house soon, and I'm either living with a guy from my course or just by myself (depending on finances) but not with my current flatmates.

Many many changes, all of which are pretty brilliant.

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