Saturday, 1 May 2010

Teletubbie Bye-Bye

Ever since I moved out of my parent's house, my little brother has taken in moving into my room. Especially as my (rather lovely) desk is there all empty and ripe for him to fill it with Microsoft rubbish and practice his mad xb0x1ng ski11z.

Deciding that I could a) free up some space in my flat. b) win favour with the 'rents. and c) have something to do uni work facebook on when I went home. I have gifted (how American) my server to my parent's house. It got a fresh install of Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit (which, as much as I hate Windows, is bloody awesome). So now he can do his homework, play CounterStrike: Source(my fault, that one is) and watch movies in my room. My mam also has a pc to use at long last as there isn't really a family one. My dad has his, as does my other brother. The invading brother (let's call him George, that is after all his name) has an ancient laptop that struggles through Vista. Needless to say everybody is over the moon with our little arrangement and all it cost was the £11.99 (after a McDonald's voucher) for a Trust keyboard/mouse set from


In other news, my summer is ridiculously busy! And I have an interview for a I want, nay need, on Wednesday. Wish me luck, internetz.

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